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ABELL's Support
Benefits of Becoming An ABELL Dealer
Market protection
ABELL will protect the market of ABELL authorised dealers,ABELL will not quote or sell any of it’s products to any company except ABELL Dealers according to the sales agreement.

Marketing and Sales
Solutions will be advertised and promoted via the ABELL distribution channel such as emails and website to help Dealer to explore new business opportunities.
The right to use ABELL logo
Dealer will be given the right to use the ABELL logo in their sales and marketing. The use of this logo shall be subjected to the terms and condition of the agreement.
Printed Certificate
Dealer will be issued a printed certificate, which they can use to show customers of proof of their certification.
Technical Support
Dealers will be able to pose technical questions online or send them by emails,etc.ABELL engineering team will feedback in no time.

Technician Training
Dealers are welcome to send your technician to our factory for training.