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Selection criteria

          Selection criteria are required to ensure Dealers generating solutions have the necessary expertise to add value  to a standard radio and increase customer satisfaction. 
         There are four areas to be assessed:  
  • Expertise in radio communications    Have or could develop a thorough understanding of the technical complexities of radio communications using ABELL products.
  • Adequate commercial credibility    Have or could develop adequate commercial competence in areas such as Market Knowledge, General Business, Pre-Sales support, After-Sales support.
  • An existing proven slution with acceptable customer satisfaction    The dealer should be proven and offer acceptable customer satisfaction and should offer a value to the Abell channel. The DEALER can actively market this solution in cooperation with ABELL marketing organization.  
  • Expertise in hardware and software development    The prospective dealer must demonstrate that they could develop adequate expertise in hardware and/or software development to ensure that the dealer has the expertise  that will be of an acceptable quality and performance to the end user of the system.