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Технологии компании


 Abell's R&D ability in wireless telecome is well recognized in the two-way radio industry and some of Abell's R&D projects are classified as City High-Tech projects and win support from the Science and Technology Bureau of ShenZhen Municipal Government.

A strong R&D with 10 years experience in the wireless telecom field allows Abell to realize powerful features and functions and ensures the best product performance in different environments.
And Abell's transceivers have been equipped with the following technology: 5 C technology – 5C refers to 
AFC (Automatic Frequency Control);
ATC (Automatic Temperature Control);
WNC (Wide-Narrow Control);
APC  (Automatic Power Control);
AGC (Automatic Gain Control). 
Abell's 5C technology can be compared with any other companies in the world. This technology ensures Abell transceivers have the best comprehensive performance in the industry in terms of talking distance, reliability, anti-jamming, timbre, etc, especially in some harsh environments like among concrete jungles in cities.

DQT technology – Allows private communications by programming 108 sub-channels and prevents the same frequency jamming. This feature is becoming more and more important when same frequency jamming becomes more of an issue today.
2Tone/5-Tone Encode and Decode
2Tone/5Tone signaling, taking audio signal as media, is extensively used nowadays. The system including 2Tone/5Tone can achieve ANI (Automatic Number Identification), call timer, selectable call (individual call, group call), call alert, status inquiry, Status Message, Stun/Un-stun, authorization, etc. Abell's two-way radio is campatible with other brands working system with this function. 
Compatible with MDC1200, the ADC1200 Signalling allows functions including PTT ID Encode, Emergency Encode, Radio Check Decode, Stun/Kill & Revive, Individual Call, Group Call, Broadcast, etc.